How do I get Volume with fine or thin hair?

There are plenty of pros to having fine or thin hair (blowouts that take less time than an episode of a sitcom, not least among them). But if you’re looking to achieve big, sexy hair—or even medium-volume hair—thin strands can feel like an obstacle. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to boost fine, flat hair or to create the illusion of more robust tresses.

Cut Your Hair

The longer thin, fine hair gets, the flatter it lays—but the shorter it is, the more body it’ll have. The best haircuts for flat, fine hair are usually shorter styles that add volume and movement.

We suggest blunt short cuts (The hair can support more volume with this length), generally keeping things above the collarbone: Pixie cuts, bobs, one-length haircuts with internal texture, or layered hairstyles can create the illusion of thicker hair and provide a fuller look.

To layer, or not to layer—that is the question (for those with fine strands). While conventional knowledge has long held that slight strands should avoid them, our experts say layers can be a solid move—but err on the conservative side.

Layers can be a great option for flat, fine hair. Strategic layering adds texture, depth, and movement to the hair, making it look fuller. However, it’s important to avoid excessive layering. [This] can lead to thinning and further flatten the hair. I suggest avoiding overly layered haircuts as there doesn’t tend to be enough density to support the layers. Instead, opt for subtle face framing and a blunt finish through the back.

Approach Length Carefully

We recommend avoiding hairstyles that are too long or lack shape or don’t contour your face. These can weigh down fine hair, making it appear even flatter and lacking volume.

But if you’re committed to the inches, there’s a way to make it work. Generally, long hair should be avoided as the ends can look sparsesays. But with extensions or keratin tips, long hair is definitely achievable for flat, fine hair.

Get Creative With Extensions

You may read extensions and immediately think of Lady Godiva-worthy lengths, but we actually recommend adding in a few Keratin extensions or a row of Hand Tied extensions to a short cut with fine hair, to give a little more of a defined line to the blunt finish and to add more density.

Invest in the Correct Styling Products

What you add to your hair outside the shower matters, too. For a volume boost, people with fine, flat hair should seek out lightweight mousses, root-lifting sprays, or volumizing sprays. These products can add texture, lift, and hold without weighing down the hair.